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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Community Supported Agriculture - CSA

Maybe I am a little slow, but I did not realize there were Community Supported Agriculture programs at my local area farms. I am always interested in trying to find ways to buy locally grown food and keep money in the pockets of local businesses and farmers.

The CSA program as I am learning is a membership to your local farm where you pay a weekly fee of $10-25. In return, you are given 1/2 or full bushels of different types of produce that are in season. This may entitle you to eggs, fresh meat, plants or seeds. My understanding is that many of them have you pick up your goods at a central location. For Wilmington, Ohio and several surrounding cities, Bergerfurd Farms will have pick up available at the Farmer's Market every Wednesday. See for more information.

I think this sounds like a great deal! I easily spend $10-20 per week for items shipped across the country. Plus, I buy the same things over and over because I know what to do with them. Receiving a variety of produce will encourage me to be more creative with my cooking. I will also feel a lot better getting fresh produce and keeping my money in the local economy.

I am excited about this program and you should be too! Sign me up!

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  1. Sounds neat, Heather! Thanks for sharing. I will be looking in to this.