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Monday, June 8, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing

Alright, I have a slight problem. Since I began cooking from scratch, I have also found myself eating more. I have been trying new foods and they are so incredibly delicious that I find myself eating entirely too much at one sitting. This morning, my stomach is a mess because I ate too much bread last night and topped it off with a couple of homemade cookies.

Cooking from scratch has been fun and the meals have been amazing. However, I am hoping that I soon become used to eating all of this great food to where I don't feel like overdoing it every time. Not to mention the fact that since I am spending more time preparing food, I am spending less time exercising. Eek.

Time to find a happy medium I suppose. Cooking from scratch takes thoughtful preparation. I am finding that if I prepare ahead and have things easily on hand, it is becoming easier and easier as I go. I do have to stop trying to bake so many breads and focus more on eating more whole grains, vegetables and fruit. And I guess I also need to spend more time taking walks, running and lifting weights too.

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