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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's been too long since my last post. That's why this post will be dedicated to consistency. I know that I am always trying to take on too many things. I try not to ever let these things interfere with my work life, but it sure does prevent me from reaching some of my personal goals.

I mentally beat myself up for being inconsistent, but what I really need to do is get to the root of the problem. It probably has to do with my constantly taking on too many projects. I used to never say no to community members and friends that had a project they needed help with. I would add these projects to the long list of projects I had going on for myself. I like to be involved and help others. But, there is a price that comes with constantly giving of all of your free time. There isn't any way to truly give a project your full attention, your family suffers because your constantly busy and it's difficult to give them your full attention and you never have a moment to take care of yourself.

One of my personal goals over the past few months has been to get my priorities straight and to learn to do things in moderation. I have gotten better about this. However, I am still trying to fit too many things into an already tight schedule. This is something that I am continually trying to work on.

I doubt I am alone. There are others out there that are over doing it and not able to give things their full attention all of the time. What can be cut out? I started cutting out some of my community projects. I decided to do the projects that I am able to give my full time and attention. I have also finished taking classes now. This is a huge blessing. I still have to finish my master's, but I no longer have to attend class. I did take a pottery class this summer just for me. This only made my life more rushed and difficult. I was unable to fully enjoy the class even though it was something I had always wanted to learn. The point is that it still added too much to my busy life.

There will be times when you have to put one thing aside to make up for time spent on something else. Know what your priorities are and stick with them. Right now, my priorities are spending time with and assisting my different family members and thinking of ways to raise money for Wilmington College and completing my degree this summer. I am also trying to get enough exercise in and eat properly. So, please forgive me and forgive yourself if you are not always consistent. I am doing my best and you should too.

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