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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Workout Video Reviews

I recently started doing exercise videos because I don't like to go outside when it's really cold and snowing to the point the snow reaches my knees. I do like to sled but don't feel much like running and I always end up doing indoor circuit training or walking on my treadmill in my basement and going to the YMCA during lunch. I had been getting a little bored and thought I would shake up my routine. So far, these are the videos that I have tried along with a quick summary and my opinion.

P90X with Tony Horton (purchased through Beachbody) - I actually borrowed these videos. I didn't want to spend money trying out new videos just to find that I hate them. I really like these videos so far. They are a little more hardcore than some videos so do not expect a regular aerobic workout like most of us are used to. This series incorporates weight training, plyometrics, pull-ups, push-ups, lunges galore and cardio. I was actually expecting this to be even more difficult than it is, but that's only because I have worked with a personal trainer who is pretty tough. I started pushing myself even harder than she does and therefore, I am in pretty decent shape. I would definitely recommend this series of videos, but for people who do not have any joint or back problems. I also would not recommend this for someone who has a lot of weight to lose. I suggest you start out with something a little tamer for now and work your way up. If you are looking to really lean out, add muscle and get in some serious shape, than I recommend P90X. Borrow them first if you can.

Jillian Michaels Cardio Kickbox - This video is approximately 25 minutes long. It will definitely get your heart rate up and you will be sweating. This is a great workout for someone who is just starting out. I did Tae Bo forever and have attended many a kickboxing class, so this was not that difficult for me. If you have already been doing a lot of kickboxing, skip this video. If you are new to kickboxing, than this video is for you.

Turbo Jam Cardio Party with Charlene Johnson - I am afraid I didn't really give this one a fair shake. I am not very coordinated and within the first couple of minutes of trying this video I was completely lost and a little more than annoyed. This is a video that requires those of us with two left feet to do this over and over before actually getting a decent workout from it. Therefore, I don't feel I can give it a fair review. It generally gets great reviews, but I am assuming most of these people have done it many times or are extremely coordinated. I rented this one from the video store. Glad I did and not sure that I will try it again.

CRUNCH Boot Camp Training - Okay, this is an old one that I had on VHS. Yes, VHS! Anyway, I am reviewing this one because it is an oldie but definitely a goodie. It gets your heart rate up and gives you a great booty blasting workout. I recommend this one for most fitness levels. My seven year old can do the moves and really likes this video. She tried a different one with me and walked off after a couple of minutes. She went straight back to doing this video. So I can say that my seven year old daughter and I both give this video two thumbs up!

If you are looking to change up your routine and are stuck inside, rent or order a few videos from your local library. Do not pay for something until you have tried it a few times. They are not always worth the money. I didn't review Tae Bo here, but Billy's videos are some of my all-time favorites!!! That is one of the best workouts you can get from a video. Try some new videos and let me know what you think. I am always looking for something new.

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