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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Postivite thinking vs negative thinking

You will see this subject come up again and again in this blog because I believe that positive and negative thinking influence everything in our lives. Yes, I have read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, but this book only confirmed what I already know. If you believe bad things will happen to you, they will and vice versa.

Let's look at two different scenarios:

Negative Nelly loses her job. She become devastated and depressed. She finds it difficult to find a job even though she sends out hundreds of resumes a month. She goes on interviews and finally settles for a job because she has to.

Positive Polly loses her job. She thinks of this as a turning point. Maybe she will go back to school or find her dream job. She puts all of her effort into looking for new ways to change her life for the better. She lands her dream job and lives happily ever after.

What's the difference between the two? (I shouldn't have to tell you, but I will).

Positive Polly took losing her job as a positive step in her life. She takes some time to re-evaluate her life and decide what she is truly passionate about. Job hunting becomes more focused. Polly looks for people she knows in the industry that she is interested in and begins networking.

Negative Nelly doesn't believe in herself and begins to be afraid that no one will hire her. Employers sense her insecurity and self doubt. She is not creative in her job hunt and finds job hunting scary and exhausting. She applies for everything.

Negative and positive thinking can affect every aspect of your life. Begin to rethink everything that happens to you. Put a new spin on the situation and you may find that it’s like a new door opening to a better life.

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