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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Break out of the box

My co-workers and I have been talking about trying new things. We have decided it's time to open ourselves up to new experiences. I recently turned 36. This event really hit home. I am really hitting middle-age! I now understand why so many people go out and buy fast cars and get boob jobs. So, I have decided not to waste anymore of my precious time. I want to have fun and let my true personality shine through. Problem is that without expanding my horizons, I don't really know what that means to me. So, my friends and I are starting a group. We are creating our own "bucket lists" (see movie) and we are going to start checking items off together.

This doesn't mean you have to do everything on the other person's list. Some of them might be individual goals and some may just feel too risky - I am not sky diving PERIOD! But they might be things like go to a Broadway show or ride a motorcyle or try attending a dance class. One of my co-workers really wanted to try yoga. I had tried it once and it just didn't take. I have always liked classes where more heavy breathing and sweating is required. Yoga just seemed too slow. Three weeks ago, I tried it again anyway. I am hooked! I love it. I think it has a lot to do with our instructor. He makes class truly enjoyable, but I would never have known that I would love yoga this much! I am thrilled to have stepped out of my box. Yay me.

You may also find that things you always wanted to do or learn really aren't all they are cracked up to be. For example, I have always thought I had missed my calling as an artist. One of my dreams has always been to one day open my own art and pottery store. I would create the pottery. However, I had never thrown on a wheel and really knew nothing about it. This summer I was finally able to take that long awaited pottery class. I found the class to be very interesting and I did like making the pottery, but I no longer dream of creating my own pottery. I would have never known this had I not given it a try. I am certainly glad that I did.

Creating adventure and trying new things doesn't have to mean galavanting across the globe or climbing Mt. Everest. It can be simple things like trying a new food, reading a different type of book than what you are used to, but why not break out of our shells and go whitewater rafting, rock climbing, skiing, learn to paint, travel somewhere random or whatever YOU can imagine.

Breaking out of that "box" is just one more way to becoming positively well in my opinion. So, why not try it. It really won't hurt. Okay, it might if you are rock climbing, trying your hand as an MMA fighter or knitting (those needles can be dangerous). However, those might be the best feeling bruises and cuts you will ever earn. ;)

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