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Friday, August 14, 2009

Train for a 5k

There are only 14 and a half weeks until Thanksgiving. That is plenty of time to train and run in a Thanksgiving Day 5k race. I plan one each year called the Friends of the Wilmington Parks Turkey Trot (Wilmington, Ohio) and we have an absolute BLAST!!! It has become a new tradition for my family to get up and work the race and head out to eat at my aunt's house.

It's the perfect opportunity to get your kids to run with you. My race has events for children and I am sure many other races do too. Yes, it can get a bit cold but you are warmed by the running in no time at all. Lot's of people come out and walk in these races as well. Why not push yourself this year and do something outside the comfort zone. Train for a 5k race and do it!! My race is listed at where there are TONS of other races. Pick one and hit the road. I promise you will not regret it.

Check out - for taining tips for beginners. Happy running!

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