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Friday, May 29, 2009

Pizza Night!

Tonight was pizza night! This used to mean frozen pizzas or pizza picked up at a drive-thru, but times have changed. Pizza night now means homemade. I made the dough last night. It was made from a mixture half white/half wheat flour. The toppings varied and one of them was even shaped like a heart.

My daughter had a friend over. I was worried that they would not like my homemade creation. I pretended to be a waitress and served them at the small kitchen table. They had a great time. They kept giving me the thumbs up sign and said it was the best pizza they have ever had.

What's even better is that I know everything that went into these pizzas (well, except what went into the pepperoni and I don't want to know). It's amazing how much better everything tastes when it's made from scratch and made with love.

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