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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Postively Thrifty

I wore one of my new thrift store finds today. I was absolutely thrilled with the look. I am not always on top of every style, but I pride myself in looking nice (most of the time).

I have many great friends who like to wear the latest styles and spend a fortune to keep up. I have to admit, they do look fabulous. However, I do not feel any less attractive or stylish with my thrift store finds. In fact, I feel very savy and creative and I don't feel guilty for having spent too much.

In fact, I can't help but brag about my new finds each time I wear them. It's so much fun to tell people how little I spent on an entire ensemble. When I ran into one of my co-workers today she looked amazing in an Ann Taylor wraparound sleeveless dress in the citrus colors that are in style right now. We both marveled over the other's outfit. As it turns out, we were both looking positively thrifty!

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