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Monday, April 20, 2009

Bring back that euphoric feeling

My lack of exercise brings me to the topic of eating. I have trouble doing things in moderation. I tend to want to focus on one thing with all of my energy. Lately, school and work have been my sole focus. I haven’t given much thought to anything else especially my eating habits. I realize that I can eat the foods that I love as long as I do it in moderation, but I have not done this lately. I tend to binge when I am stressed. I discussed this with a new friend of mine. She is a doctor of natural medicine. She tells me that I need to find something else that makes me happy to give me that euphoric feeling that I am looking for by bingeing when I am stressed. Exercise used to do this for me. Now I am looking for other things as well. I have taken up painting and some volunteer activities to refocus my attention, but I have not done a very good job. I am still eating junk! My husband really likes junk, so I pick him up some Little Debbie’s and realize that I have eaten more of them than he has! Yikes. Excessive eating is not going to give me anything except a bigger butt and it certainly isn't going to help me feel better about myself. That euphoric feeling needs to come from spending time with your friends or family, fun hobbies, a job well done and helping others. So get out there and reclaim that euphoric feeling and can you let me know when you find it?

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