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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shopping healthy on a budget

I will present a series of suggestions for eating healthy on a budget. First, I would like to talk about my favorite grocery store - ALDI. I love this store because it offers great produce and other healthy foods for super cheap prices. I just purchased a fresh pineapple for $1.49, fresh broccoli $1.65, bag of garden salad for $.99, portabella mushrooms for $1.99, strawberries $.99 and 3 colored peppers for $1.29. There were quite a few other things that I purchased as well. I bought cereal, 2 different spices, salad dressing, shredded cheese, 100% juice, etc, etc, etc...and the total was $42.80. I went to another grocery and paid $60 for a lot less stuff!! I normally buy meat, dairy, canned goods, rice, frozen veggies, frozen chicken and lots of other stuff there too. My point is that even in these tough economic times, eating healthy can still be done on a budget when you shop at the right place!

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