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Monday, April 20, 2009

Stress happens

I have had the same routine for many years. I get up, drink a giant cup of coffee, exercise and then get ready for work. At least I did until a couple of months ago. Then stress happened. I am at the end of my master’s degree and I have been working diligently on my final paper. Instead of getting up and doing what makes me feel good, I have been writing my paper. I have let stress take over my health! I know that getting up and exercising makes me think clearly, it makes me work harder throughout the day and sleep better at night. It also keeps my weight in check which is off the charts lately! I have become lazy because my state of mind was not where it used to be. I let stress take over a longstanding healthy ritual that made me feel great and now I feel lethargic, my stomach is a mess and my pants are too tight! Am I alone? I doubt it. I know that many people let stress get in the way of their healthy habits. It’s time to refocus. Let’s start making exercise a priority again. Schedule it if you have to. I find that marking my calendar with my daily workouts works really well. I just haven’t done that lately. As of today, I am rescheduling my appointment with my health. Tuesday, 5:30 a.m. appointment with my treadmill! Who's with me?

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