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Thursday, May 14, 2009

No TV Makes For A Lot Of Free Time

Since we decided this week to start limiting our tv time, I am realizing how little I must have been using my brain. Now that I have oodles of free time in which to actually think about stuff, I have found that I am actually pretty resourceful and creative. I keep thinking of all kinds of new inventions (none of which I will share with you for fear you will steal my idea and become filthy rich).

Anyway, I am beginning to really see just how awful the boob tube really is and why people call it that. It totally rots your brain! Another bonus is that my child has stopped trying to get me to buy the Perfect Pushup, Debbie Meyers Green Bags and the AquaGlobe nor do I have to listen the Sham Wow guy or any more Oxy Clean commericals! Hallelujiah! This is more of a blessing than I could have imagined.

If we all turned off our televisions, imagine what we could do. We could cure world hunger and find ways to bring peace to the entire world or maybe all this free time is going to my head.

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